75-79 Nova 2-door Sedan Window Fuzzies Felts weatherstrip : window fuzzies
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75-79 Nova 2-door Sedan Window Fuzzies Felts
Weight: 2.0

75 76 77 78 79 Glass Run Weatherstrips

Sometimes Referred To As Cat Whiskers, These Weatherstrips Run Along The Top Of The Doors And The Quarterpanels On The Inside And Outside Of The Glass. Sold As A Compete Set Of Inners And Outers, 8 Pieces.

Part No: 76XWC
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$78.95  EA
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75-79 Nova 2- Door Door Weatherstrip Pr. 75 76 77 78 79 2-dr Weatherstrips Pair
Part No: LM 20-O
MakeModelEngine TypeLiterYearsFuelCIDFuel Delivery
ChevroletNovaV84.31975GAS CARB
ChevroletNovaL64.11975 - 1978GAS CARB
ChevroletNovaV85.71975 - 1978GAS CARB
ChevroletNovaV85.01976 - 1978GAS CARB
ChevroletNova ConcoursV85.71976 - 1977GAS CARB
ChevroletNova ConcoursV85.01976 - 1977GAS CARB
ChevroletNova ConcoursL64.11976 - 1977GAS CARB
ChevroletNova CustomV85.71975GAS CARB
ChevroletNova CustomV84.31975GAS CARB
ChevroletNova CustomL64.11975GAS CARB
ChevroletNova CustomV85.71978 - 1979GAS CARB
ChevroletNova CustomL64.11978 - 1979GAS CARB
ChevroletNova CustomV85.01978 - 1979GAS CARB
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