66-67 Nova Chevy II 2 Ignition Switch audio & electrical : ignition switch
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66-67 Nova Chevy II 2 Ignition Switch
Weight: 1.0

66 67 1966 1967 Starter

This Ignition Switch Fits All 1966-1967 Model Year Novas.

Part No: 4011-523-664
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$43.50  EA
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Special Notes
I recently purchased a 66 Chevy Nova. It starts without the key so I got a new key lock but I cant figure out how to disconnect the old one given the small amount of space under the dash. How do I disconnect the old one so I can actually make it so I need a key to start my car?
Put the key into the lock assembly and turn it all the way to the left (counter clock wise).  When it stops, use a paper clip and depress the button on the lock through the tiny hole on the front.  This button releases the lock and allows you to replace it with a new one.
MakeModelEngine TypeLiterYearsFuelCIDFuel Delivery
ChevroletChevy IIL63.81966GAS CARB
ChevroletChevy IIV84.61966 - 1967GAS CARB
ChevroletChevy IIL63.21966 - 1967GAS CARB
ChevroletChevy IIL42.51966 - 1967GAS CARB
ChevroletChevy IIV85.41966 - 1967GAS CARB
ChevroletChevy IIL64.11967GAS CARB
ChevroletNovaL63.81966GAS CARB
ChevroletNovaL63.21966 - 1967GAS CARB
ChevroletNovaV84.61966 - 1967GAS CARB
ChevroletNovaV85.41966 - 1967GAS CARB
ChevroletNovaL42.51966 - 1967GAS CARB
ChevroletNovaL64.11967GAS CARB
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