67-68 Nova Windshield Wiper Switch 2-speed audio & electrical : windshield wiper switch
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67-68 Nova Windshield Wiper Switch 2-speed
Weight: 1.0

1967 1968 Chevy Ii 2 67 68 With Washer

This Switch Fits All 1967-1968 Model Year Novas.

Part No: 4011-523-6711
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$49.95  EA
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Special Notes
This Chevrolet reproduction windshield wiper switch has been manufactured to original factory specifications using today's modern manufacturing techniques. You will find the fit and function will work superbly for your restoration. In addition, using a reproduction windshield wiper switch from Modern Performance Classics will add authenticity and value to your Chevy II.
MakeModelEngine TypeLiterYearsFuelCIDFuel Delivery
ChevroletChevy IIV85.41967GAS CARB
ChevroletChevy IIV84.61967GAS CARB
ChevroletChevy IIL64.11967GAS CARB
ChevroletChevy IIL42.51967GAS CARB
ChevroletChevy IIL63.21967GAS CARB
ChevroletChevy II NovaV85.71968GAS CARB
ChevroletChevy II NovaV85.41968GAS CARB
ChevroletChevy II NovaV85.01968GAS CARB
ChevroletChevy II NovaV86.51968GAS CARB
ChevroletChevy II NovaL64.11968GAS CARB
ChevroletChevy II NovaL63.81968GAS CARB
ChevroletChevy II NovaL42.51968GAS CARB
ChevroletNovaV85.41967GAS CARB
ChevroletNovaL63.21967GAS CARB
ChevroletNovaL64.11967GAS CARB
ChevroletNovaV84.61967GAS CARB
ChevroletNovaL42.51967GAS CARB
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